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The Systematic Trader's Path to Success
The Foundation
What (Systematic) Trading is
Trading 101
Trading 101
Level: Beginner
Learn what financial markets are and what trading means

Beat the Markets with Trading Systems
Level: Elementary
Introductory material on what Systematic and Automated Trading is 
(and what is not)
The first step to Automated Trading
Master the Code & Go LIVE
Master the Code & Go LIVE
Level: Elementary/Intermediate
Build your Automated Trading Infrastructure.
Learn to use:
- MultiCharts/TradeStation Software
- PowerLanguage/EasyLanguage coding language
- IQFeed datafeed
- Interactive Brokers & other brokers
- VPS (Virtual Private Server)
The Method
How to Develop Trading Systems
Trading Systems Supremacy
Level: Intermediate
How to Develop, Optimize and Backtest a trading strategy

Learn the UNIVERSAL METHOD to build Effective Trading Systems that helped win 6 WorldCup Trading Championships®.
Trading System Evaluation
Level: Upper Intermediate
How to Analyze a Trading System to Avoid Software Pitfalls & Psychological Issues, and to Determine when to Stop It
Mastering Position Sizing
Level: Upper Intermediate
How to Identify the Proper Position Sizing 
Model to Boost your Trading Systems Performance
Automated Trading Mastery
The Final Steps...
Portfolio Secrets
Level: Advanced
How to Properly Manage your Portfolio of Trading Systems
Towards an all-round trading...
Cracking Volatility
Cracking Volatility
Level: Upper Intermediate
Take advantage of persistent trends with all the instruments based on volatility
Iron Shark
iron shark
Level: Upper Intermediate
Discover how systematic trading can be applied to Options!

Events and other material...
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